Fireplace Repair & Rebuilding

​Masonry Schaumburg company provides trustworthy and efficient rebuilding and repair of fireplaces stoves in the entire Schaumburg, IL areas. Our experts carefully manage individual fireplace projects from the beginning to the completion stage, thereby providing on-site latest updates and supplies of parts to clients. We undertake simple and complex fireplace repair service, which involves removing stains, assembling faulty parts after a repair, polishing, and rebuilding the fireplace to suit the modern standard. If you are experiencing any issue with your gas or stove fireplace, our certified team will help diagnose the problem and provide an on-the-spot solution to ensure that your fire is in top condition and make it look brand new. As professionals, we offer you a free quote to rebuild the fireplace.

Safety Inspection
Safety is paramount in every home, and if a fireplace is not maintained or repaired when damage is identified, it may result in a severe situation in the home. Homeowners need to be aware of possible ways to keep their households running smoothly with frequent risk checking routines. If a safety inspection is done within your fireplace, the no damage can take you by surprise. The fireplace is a critical part of the home, and its impact is felt most during the winter season. Carrying out a safety inspection can be done by yourself, or you can hire a professional company that does that for free.

Increase the Value of the Property
If a property isn’t new, homeowners think that it is not easy to add extra value to the home. While this is not true, one of the approaches that can assure additional value to your home is repairing when necessary. The fireplace is not an exempted home area, although most homeowners ignore it when renovating or repairing. But routine fireplace repair will help maintain it, and the value increases at a commensurate level.

Utilizing Quality Materials
If an inexperienced contractor builds your fireplace, then there is a high tendency that the materials used are inferior; hence the building is not solid. Ideally, a fireplace is supposed to be built with a refractory material that can withstand any degree of heat, and it must be consistently repaired. If the materials used during the first building are incorrect, then the fireplace might not serve its main purpose, and in this case, a repair is not the best option. The home might need to rebuild the fireplace with standard and quality materials that can last longer and promotes efficiency.

It is unavoidable that the fireplace gets old and wears out. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, a fireplace cannot last more than 8 years, so in the 8th year, the property owner should begin to plan how to rebuild and upgrade the fireplace in the home. This means rebuilding the fireplace is imperative at a point in time, and a fully trained team must do the rebuilding; hence they may not adhere to the fireplace strict measure set by the local council. Rebuilding the fireplace will give it a new facelift, and the efficiency level will be fully optimized.

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