Lintel Repair

​Masonry Schaumburg has the expertise to provide repair service for your deteriorating lintel to get your home back to a perfect condition. The window and door in the most building are supported by lintel; it serves as a masonry shelf. Harsh weather and moisture can lead to rust on the lintel and crack on the building. Whenever this occurs, a repair should be done else, and it may cause more damage and compound the problem. Rust on lintel will cause it to lose strength; if you see most of this sign in your masonry, we are always available to help you repair your lintel. Our lintel repair service will help prevent collapse and allow the window and door to gain structural balance.

Lintel repair is more straightforward and quite easy to execute only if a repair is done in a timely manner. Once lintel cracks are observed, the property should move to repair before it destroys the building’s façade and other connected areas. The quicker you repair a faulty lintel, the less it will cost, and there will be less inconvenience to the homeowner. Quick repairs carried out on properties are usually cost-effective and saves time as well.

Lintel Inspection
If you are unsure whether to repair your lintel of not, a quick inspection around your building may help inform your decision and direct your course of action. If the inspection is carried out by a professional lintel company or an independent lintel repairer, they know what to look for during the inspection processes. As a property owner, having prior knowledge and understanding of Masonry lintel may be an added value. You will be able to do a quick inspection and then forward your findings to professionals who will help repair or advise on the best solution at the moment. However, thorough routine inspection is essential, so your lintel and other properties in the building.

Supports Masonry Efficiently
The lintel is a building material that supports masonry. Lintels should be straight and leveled with no extended gaps. A high level of rainfall or humidity is not good for lintels because it may cause damage. The only option to prevent the damage from occurring is to repair the lintel when necessary. If this is neglected, then the function of supporting masonry will be defeated. Lintels, whether timber or steel-made, must be healthy to play a supportive role as expected. Not repairing lintel will not affect your building’s appearance, but it can also cause severe harm. If the lintel isn’t installed properly at the early stage, it may not be easy to support the masonry.

Restores Structural Integrity
As mentioned earlier, many factors can cause damage to lintels, including natural deterioration and woodworm. The older the building, the more vulnerable it is to deterioration or prior damage. The moment you observe cracks on your lintels, repairs should be done as soon as possible, and one of the benefits of the repair is that it will help restore the building’s structural integrity.

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