​Since its inception, Masonry Schaumberg has been providing quality tuckpointing services for residential and commercial purposes. All our tuckpointing project are executed by experienced contractors and are guaranteed. As tuckpointing service providers, we deliver a top-most impeccable tuckpoint project. We can help restore the mortar joints to a functional state through this service by removing defective mortar within the bricks and wall of a building. When a mortar is damaged, it causes leaks in the building, which may likely result in the joint deterioration. When we arrive at your building, we carefully find a way to identify all crack and loose or defective mortar joints, and then we tuckpoint the joint with quality waterproof cement with a narrow jointing tool. We ensure that the newly fixed mortar matches the existing color and texture of the mortar.

Prevents Further Deterioration & Moisture
To prevent quick damage of your chimney, tuckpointing is essential at a time. When the mortar is exposed to excess water from the rain and snow, it weakens the structural support of the bricks surrounding it and can cause damage. Once the damage occurs, the old mortar needs to be replaced. To prevent frequent deterioration, more severe problems, and moisture, tuckpointing the mortar is essential. Moisture will find it difficult to penetrate the chimney system, and also water can get around it. However, if it does, it can lead to a damaged ceiling.

Extends Lifespan
Frequent replacement of chimney costs a lot of cash, and no property owner would enjoy replacing properties almost every time. So, taking care of your chimney will help extend its serving lifespan and even prevent frequent replacement. By tuckpointing your chimney, it can help stop the corrosion of the joints in the mortar. If this is done, masonry materials will return to their original state and stand the expected time test. The property owner will feel genuine satisfaction and value for the money spent. Tuckpointing will make the chimney appear like a brand new one with a great appearance of the entire home.

Increases the Value of Your Home
Once tuckpointing is completed, and in a good and highly functional condition, the home’s value will be increased. Anything that makes the home safer looks fine, and efficiency will contribute to your home’s value. In most cases, this is beneficial if you want to sell or lease your property. New and functional mortar is one of the things that can impress and stand out to potential property buyers. To achieve this, tuckpointing is one of the things you require.

Saves Money
The rebuilding of a chimney is quite expensive to run, and an average property owner needs to plan properly for this project. Tuckpointing may help avoid tear-down as well; hence repairing instead of rebuilding a chimney is cheaper. It will help prevent leaks within the house. It this light, to avoid rebuilding, you must do the required routine maintenance, which includes chimney sweeping, cleaning, and power washing. Effective tuckpointing helps save money
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